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One of the best things about Ridgeline is the slew of options you get to involved in! May seem crazy, but it all really makes sense. No two people are alike so how can one offer a service and expect the same result? From all of the options you can choose from, there is something for everyone!  The one thing that will always stay the same is our method behind the madness!  


Functional training is more than just putting a dumbbell in your hand and demanding someone to lift it or squat - it's about putting purpose in every little thing you do! We tend to focus so much of our time and money on things that we can see or the things that speak the loudest like our stomach growling or muscles screaming in pain - if we can uncover some of the underlying causes to your pain the solution may be easier and cheaper than you even realize! 

Check out what we have and if you can't decide or want help to find the right health path for you, schedule your first free fitness assessment with Ari! Out of that 1st meeting you'll be one step closer to accomplishing your goals! 

Also, keep in mind that Ridgeline is way more than movement. Life involves so much more of your mind, body and soul and one of the ways to reach that is to connect with nature. So this year we're offering two different "Retreats" to get become more in-tune with what the world has to offer us. Find more info below... 


Ridgeline Retreats

Blueberry Traverse

Aug 13 - Aug 15

Calling all weekend warriors who are ready for a backpacking excursion into the New Hampshire wilderness. Starting on August 13th we will start with a meet and greet sleep over at the Little Red Homestead and then from there we'll take a hike up and over Blueberry Mountain and then over to Wachipauka Pond where we will campout for the night. We will return August 15th with a choice to get picked up or continue the traverse over Blueberry. 


This is an advanced backpacking trip so having hiking experience is required! Contact Ari for more info OR request to join the Blueberry Traverse private Facebook Page to learn more >>>


Ridgeline Retreats

Little Red Homestead

Sept 3.- Sept 5

This weekend retreat is very simple: choose what you want to do for activities, chill in hammocks, socialize with others and have fun at and round the Little Red Homestead. Think of it as a weekend summer camp, but for grown-ups! 


Come enjoy NH's beauty in our backyard! This year, being our first retreat we want to officially open our doors to friends (old and new) and family who would like to spend the day playing in nature. Come Friday afternoon to meet and greet, set up your camp anywhere on the property, assist with the community feast and chill by the fire. 

The next two days (Saturday + Sunday) you'll have a choice to play lawn games, hike, practice yoga, swim in the brook etc. Stay for just one day or stay the entire weekend! Saturday night will be the "BIG" family feast with a fire, s'mores and more! 


Please contact Ari for more info >>>

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