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Train For LIFE!

Woohoo! We're off running straight into the summer!

June is a great time to get your ducks in a row... or should I say chickens?! ...

As of late, the Little Red Homestead is becoming uniquely ours. And there's been an awful lot of 'firsts': from renovating the indoors, chopping down trees to make a 30' x 40' garden, to scrambling around to make a bear-proof chicken coop for our 22 new family members, who mind you lay 11 eggs a day!

As I venture outdoors and explore the unknown here, I'm reminder everyday of how truly grateful I am for how far I've come. There were many times where I'd fantasize where I wanted to be and who I saw myself with. Judgement would get the best of me... not really about others, but of myself. I wasn't kind. I'd wake up in the morning thinking I was ugly, fat and really not worth anything. Can you believe it?! My attitude was off and I didn't feel myself. Negativity got the best of me. I was miserable in my own body and was never content ... with anything!

Does this resonate with you?

Don't worry, you're always headed towards something better! But it's your choice to do that! Your everyday habits as a human is entirely up to you. What you do with your life and time is your decision. How you treat yourself and others is also your decision.What I've struggled with in the past and still do at times today has taught me so much about myself and honestly has made me a better person. A more focused, patient and diligent person.

When Ridgeline was originally created it was simple... I wanted to promote MORE MOVEMENT! What I've come to realize is life is way more complex than that. As a trainer I've integrated a more holistic and functional approach to health. I like to think along the lines of TRAINING YOUR BODY FOR LIFE.

This is not a one time only deal, you know. It's something that will take FOCUS, PATIENCE and DILIGENCE to get to the place you want to be. By focusing on yourself you can start to understand the most important things in your life: your life buckets! These buckets should identify exactly what is most important to you right now! What do you spend your time doing? What do you think about often? What things need change? And who are 'your' people?

So, I challenge you this June to focus on your 5 buckets to a healthy life. Identify them, write them down and remind yourself about them everyday! Work hard to establish and fill these buckets everyday and with time and patience, you will start to see the person you've known all along.

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