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Let's Get Back to the Basics

If you're looking for an easy fix to help improve your overall health, here its is: GET BACK TO THE BASICS! We've all had this key to unlock a life of longevity, growth and optimal body performance for a VERY long time! And NOW is your turn to figure out how to turn the key to open the true secret in your genes!

A couple months ago I came across a book called the "Primal Blueprint" by Mark Sisson, who, in my mind has one of the most brilliant health philosophies I've come across so far. He, like myself does not believe in dieting, eating restrictions, weight loss programming etc. He's interested in the evolutionary science behind each of us! So grab the key, because we're about to unlock the "secrets" you may have been searching for. With his experience as an elite athlete and now an health researcher, Mark has opened my eyes, or should I say, has helped me "unlock" the truth behind my body and what it needs for optimal function!

Over time, human beings have had it drilled in their heads by media, news and ads that there IS a way to fix your health, to live longer and promote better body movement. If you pay attention that is NOT what they're insinuating. Put the TV on right now or open the internet and notice the amount of faces trying to tell you that their product is the "best" and will get rid of your pain (physically, emotionally and mentally). HA HA think again. Most times than not, these are there ploys to make you spend more money and head directly to your local Rite Aid and/or CVS Pharmacy. Our society runs off of what you give to them: money, work and, just like that your precious time is wasted away to serve. And who are we really serving anyway? Not to get off topic, but what I'm trying to explain here is there is a solution, and that solution is YOU!  Our political figures and "leaders" claim to keep us united and free, yet we're still on the streets fighting against each other. There's people dying everyday from self-inflicted diseases that could be fixed with a secret recipe that most people ignore. Seems strange to me.

By no means am I stating these things to scare you, but you need to know that we as human beings, all around the world, are being treated like ants. Working day in and day out so we can keep our society "civil". This is incredibly complex, so I challenge you to dive into this a little more, by conducting your own research and check out Mark's website at

Okay, so back to the "secret" to your optimal health. The evolutionary science to your genes is quite fascinating. Genes sure know how to adapt and, quite frankly in recent decades, it hasn't been for the good. We started out 100,000 years ago as scavengers. Living day to day hunting, gathering, sleeping, caring for each other just to survive. In a way, we're continuing that same trend, but in an entirely different way. Our genes have mutated to rely on the resources given to us on a silver platter and, on top of that, we no longer work for ourselves to survive. This has been passed down from our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on. It's been years and years of mutation and the crazy thing is YOU have the ability to rejuvenate and change this downhill trend of these claimed to be "defective" genes!

If you take a step back and question why so many more people are suffering from diseases such as coronary heart failure, diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity and osteoporosis- it's not because of YOU solely, it's the outcome of trying to find the easy way out of a problem by being influenced by the wrong sources everyday. When in fact, if we think more like our ancestors and apply a lifestyle based on the following things below we could, in fact find the key to a better life!

  • Choose a fresh, nutrient dense, high antioxidant, locally grown/naturally raised food.

  • Add activity everyday—whether it’s the gym or a walk along the beach, it all counts

  • Get plenty of quality sleep, sun exposure (with protection) and play more often!

  • Avoid all sweets and sweetened beverages. Once you break free, they lose their control.

  • Take time to have fun—don’t take anything too seriously, seriously.

  • Ethical behavior—if you don't know what that means... please go look it up!

  • Take responsibility for your own life choices— be open to new things and ideas (like this one)

The suggestions and thoughts I've described can be controversial to some. I understand that not everyone can easily fall into a new idea and agree, but I have to say it could be worth looking into. A quote by a legendary coach and leader, John Wooden once stated...

"Perfection is impossible, however striving for perfection is not. Do the best you can under the conditions that exists. This is what counts." -John Wooden

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