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10% of Something is Better Than 100% of Nothing

Being on the struggle bus can be hard. But when it comes to your health I have to say, "10% of something is better than 100% of nothing." Ah, this phrase holds true in so many ways!

Are you just starting out? Trying to make a healthy life change? Or perhaps you have such little 'you' time, from having to get the kids ready in the morning and lugging them to after-school activities. Oh my and maybe on top of everything else you also have a desk job! ... Well the American College of Sports Medicine now suggests that intermittent / 'whenever you can' bursts of movement, is the best way to get in the recommended 10,000 steps a day and adds to the 150 minutes of exercise per week bank. It's a fantastic way to improve your circulation, posture and honestly will help keep your mind fresh and alert for those crazy busy days! You don’t have to go to a gym, start training for a marathon or buy expensive equipment. All it takes is a walk out your door or around your house to get started!

Exercise holds benefits for everyone, and a growing number of studies show that cancer patients in particular can gain valuable benefits from regular exercise. Research shows that regular exercise interspersed with periods of rest can help:

  • strengthen muscles and bones

  • reduce the risk of cancer recurrence

  • improve sleep patterns

  • help maintain a healthy weight

  • reduce fatigue and raise energy levels

  • improve mood and reduce anxiety

Studies also suggest that cancer survivors who exercise regularly may feel better, have less fatigue, and experience fewer symptoms after treatment compared to those who do not get regular exercise.

Cancer patients and survivors can meet with Ridgeline's cancer exercise specialist, Ari, who can answer fitness-related questions and provide personalized exercise tips. Consults are available for men or women with any cancer diagnosis. To schedule an appointment for an exercise consult, call or text Ridgeline at 413.496.4318. You can also send an email to

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