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No matter where you come from or where you're going, life is way more manageable when you realize how important your mind and body is!  Oh, the things we learn as we age! You have the reigns on your life - I'm just here to lend a helping hand to help you love yourself  a little more everyday! Ridgeline- building YOU from the ground UP!

The Healthy Living Philosophy

I have this philosophy that if we live each day to it's full potential with whole & organic foods, an active lifestyle and daily healthy habits, we can be the very best versions of ourselves! Happy and proud!

Now, don't let me fool - while this all sounds dandy, the tricky part is it takes a significant time for our bodies to adapt to change. The brain is an incredibly powerful and rather stubborn organ that controls the way we make decisions, live, learn, interact, move. From my own experience over the past 28 years I have changed in many different ways. From the way I hold myself, to the way I talk; how I interact with people and move my body.

My life is nowhere near perfect, however I do live everyday with hopes to inspire, motivate and educate others what I learn along this crazy path called life.

If you're looking for a more wholesome and organic life, look no further than Ridgeline and book your first consultation with me today! This is your opportunity to become in-tune with yourself! 

The MOVE MORE Movement

Movement is exercise. Exercise is medicine. 

Not only does exercise help fight against disease, but it's one of the best ways to diminish some of the worse side effects from chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, weight gain, pain, weakness, fatigue, lack of motivation, etc.

With that said, movement is something we don't necessarily need a trainer for, that is only if you actually get enough... According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) regulations, the average adult should get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise and at least 2 days of resistance training / weight-bearing exercises every week. But what does this mean exactly?? 

If you've asked this question then I think it might be time to join Ridgeline in the MOVE MORE movement! Let's get the zest back into your life!

Education Opportunities

Since Ridgeline's programs are about 90% online due to the pandemic, there is a learning curb and unfamiliarity to working out on a computer or phone. Verbal instructions are slightly different and visibility is pertinent to get the full benefit of an online class or program. 

However, with that said there is SO much to gain with an online class! First, you can do your workout right from your living room. If you travel to work or are going on vacation? Not a problem, Ridgeline will be there!

At Ridgeline the main focus is education. With the background in exercise physiology, having the understanding on how your body moves and what it tells you in that process is one of the BEST things you can do for your overall health! Every class, program, retreat, or challenge will incorporate not only movement, but a whole lot of teaching! So get those notebooks out! 

Every month there is a Ridgeline Rally aka info session for old and new members. If you have further questions or curiosity about any of the programs the Rally is a great way to get it all and also meet other members! 

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