Meet Ari

Certified Personal Trainer & Outdoor Enthusiast

If there's one thing to know about me it's that I'm totally a "yes" girl! There aren't too many things I say no to, which at times gets me in trouble. However for the most part, all of my yes's so far, has allowed me to live on this amazing, forever-changing planet with a better appreciation for life. With my pure passion to move, cook great food and spend long hours outdoors, I created Ridgeline Health and Fitness to share these passions in a way that inspires people to live in a more purposeful and zestful way!


If we humans paid more attention to the destruction we've put on our own bodies. The toxic things we consume in our food and and on this earth we'd understand the best ways to make change simple to help reverse the breakdown.  We as a species have looked and continue to look for the best and easiest ways to live, but what that has created is obesity, depression and a dying world. We may not have control of every outcome, but we do have FULL control of what we do with our lives! 


Through my years of experimenting with different diets and workout routines I believe I've found the best way to balance your life with 5 buckets to focus on: mindset, clean eating, sleep, social connection and nature. Once I started to focus on filling these 5 buckets evenly I started to live a life that I never could have imagined. Complementing this with a more functional approach to exercise, along with a non-toxic, regenerative style of eating, a clear mindset, backed by way more self love, I think I've got it! I'm a compassionate human being, to say the least. I'm always looking for more ways to make a healthy life more fun and easy for all ages and abilities! 


How did I get here you ask?

Well, let me first say it's been quite a journey! Like I mentioned before I love to get my hands on everything and say YES! This has brought me I'm a girl who beats to her own drum, yes however I'm also a pleaser. Every decision I make is methodical to a certain point. Sometimes overthinking gets the best of me. So you could say I've done a few loopy-a-doos to figure out what the heck I was going to do with my life. Which brings me to know: happy with every experience and person I've met along the way all the way from California to working as a blueberry picker- there was so much to learn from! It wasn't until I started working as a Health Initiative Programs Specialist and Personal Trainer for the North Shore YMCA, did I realize what I was really, really good at, getting people healthy! There were plenty of jobs in between that allowed me to help people, but the Y taught me the importance of personalized care in a more holistic approach. The Y also gave me the experience to work with all walks of life and in the end inspired my creation of Ridgeline Health and Fitness! 

Life doesn't stop there, of course and is only continuing to get better!  After moving my business closer to home in Pike NH I've been scheming more ideas to get the community active and outdoors! I offer yoga around town and do traveling personal training!  If I'm not with a client or in the studio, she's spending time trail running, paddle boarding, skiing, painting, gardening... just to name a few. Ryan, my soon to be husband and I are passionate "weekend warriors" who feel strongly about balancing work with play and utilizing our free time to chase those off-grid dreams! Stay tuned for more about our Little Red Homestead and all the projects it will surely bring! 


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"Ari’s Online Exercise Classes make going to the gym an unnecessary event. She does the exercises with the class, talking the moves all the way through AND notices if someone isn’t quite on track. She doesn’t call anyone out, she simply restates the instruction and everyone is happy. She makes exercising fun. I’ve gotten better results more quickly than in any previous class I’ve ever attended."

— Nedra, Wells ME

"As a former gym rat I was confined to my home during the pandemic. I started taking online classes with Ari in April and it’s been a wonderful experience. I have been able to strengthen my core with a very specific, different, yet effective workout. I am continuing her online classes not only because of the convenience, but most of all the results. She delivers!"

— Barbara, Portsmouth NH


I took the Shaklee Seven Day Challenge and I started doing yoga workouts with Arianna and I feel strong. Although the challenge was difficult, with Arianna's coaching and strength building exercises I persevered. Now I walk straighter, I feel stronger and have improved energy! I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel alive and well again!

— Jim, Haverhill NH

"I work with Ari on improving my mobility and strength. She has incorporated all kinds of exercises and stretches into my training sessions. She inspires me to work hard and improve every day. I look forward to my sessions and continuing my training with her. She is such a pleasure to work with. Her bubbly personality and positive attitude are contagious!"

— Dave, Hampton NH