Meet Ari

Certified Personal Trainer & Outdoor Enthusiast

If there's one thing to know about Ari, she's a "yes" girl! There aren't too many things she wouldn't do ... and honestly at this point she's put her hands in almost everything she possible could so far. With the pure passion of being outside and moving her body, her greatest challenge is promoting the science behind this healthy lifestyle. She believes that if you can balance your life with Ridgeline's 5 buckets: mindset, clean eating, sleep, connection and nature, you will start to live a life you've always imagined. She complements this with a more functional approach to exercise, along with a wholesome, non-toxic diet and a clear mindset, backed by way more self love! Ari is compassionate, to say the least and creates ways to make exercise fun and easy for all ages and abilities! She is always ready for the next thing, as long as it's not sitting... so you could say long car rides and fishing can be rather difficult for her. LOL. 


How did she get here you ask? Well, Ari grew up as tom-boy,  and her image didn't fall short from that... She rocked the pixie hair cut, wore baggy basketball shorts and her arms were always elbows deep with bracelets. She owned her look. At her parents she stayed busy helping with chores and loved tending to the horses, goats, chickens and bunnies since she was in 3rd grade. Being a tom-boy and all, she of course played sports all year round, especially basketball. From camps, AAU, practices and games she seemed to have a basketball near her at all times.


Actually the battle between sport vs animal struck hard when deciding what to study, but we'll chat about this later... Because it wasn't school that inspired Ari's journey, it was her experience with the diverse places, events and people she has met along the way. After experiencing a life-threatening blood clot and almost losing her Dad and Grandmother, she began to realize just how precious life really is and how easy it is to lose everything in a blink of an eye. She also realized staying in the health field would probably be the best option for a career, so she studied Exercise and Sport Physiology at Plymouth State University.


Not too long after graduating college, Ari had another thing coming ... she needed to decide what the heck she was going to do with her life which, let's be honest, deciding is her weakness. She started working as an oncology nursing assistant with thoughts of becoming a physicians' assistant or physical therapist. She also applied for the Peace Corps but due to her health condition was denied. It wasn't until she came across a job in Los Altos CA that she found exactly what she needed... an escape! 

Two weeks after applying for this Program Coordinator position for Run for Fun Camps, she was headed to California! Life was a scramble out there. Not knowing anyone or where to go, the world multiplied by a million, but led her to new territory and experiences! Ari was able to set free and explore the unknown, which in the end allowed her to meet some amazing people who are now lifelong friends! 

After almost 2 years of being away, she returned home to attend nursing school ... which unfortunately didn't go the way she intended. Let's just say the first rotation was labor and delivery. :/ It wasn't until she started working as a Health Initiative Programs Specialist and Personal Trainer for the North Shore YMCA, did she realize what she was really, really good at... thank goodness! There were plenty of jobs in between, but the Y taught Ari the importance of caring for people individually in a more holistic approach. She also was able to work with a world-wind of different people, ages and abilities and in the end inspired her forever passion for Ridgeline Health and Fitness! 

Life continues to get better for Ari. Since then, she has started building her business closer to home in Pike NH with her now fiance, Ryan and dog, Franki. If Ari isn't in the studio, she's spending time trail running, paddle boarding, skiing, painting, gardening... just to name a few. Ryan and Ari are passionate "weekend warriors" who feel strongly about balancing work with play and utilizing their free time to chase those off-grid dreams! 


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"Ari’s Online Exercise Classes make going to the gym an unnecessary event. She does the exercises with the class, talking the moves all the way through AND notices if someone isn’t quite on track. She doesn’t call anyone out, she simply restates the instruction and everyone is happy. She makes exercising fun. I’ve gotten better results more quickly than in any previous class I’ve ever attended."

— Nedra, Wells ME

"As a former gym rat I was confined to my home during the pandemic. I started taking online classes with Ari in April and it’s been a wonderful experience. I have been able to strengthen my core with a very specific, different, yet effective workout. I am continuing her online classes not only because of the convenience, but most of all the results. She delivers!"

— Barbara, Portsmouth NH


I took the Shaklee Seven Day Challenge and I started doing yoga workouts with Arianna and I feel strong. Although the challenge was difficult, with Arianna's coaching and strength building exercises I persevered. Now I walk straighter, I feel stronger and have improved energy! I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel alive and well again!

— Jim, Haverhill NH

"I work with Ari on improving my mobility and strength. She has incorporated all kinds of exercises and stretches into my training sessions. She inspires me to work hard and improve every day. I look forward to my sessions and continuing my training with her. She is such a pleasure to work with. Her bubbly personality and positive attitude are contagious!"

— Dave, Hampton NH