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Certified Personal Trainer & Outdoor Enthusiast

Ari grew up in the heart of the granite state of New Hampshire. Along with her two sisters, Ari's parents, Pam and Jim (not from the Office), created a wonderful life evolved around community connection, horse farm chores, sports and adventuring in the good ol' White Mountains.


In 2014, Ari graduated from Plymouth State University with a B.S. degree in Exercise and Sport Physiology and hasn't stopped learning since! Ari has accumulated a handful of accredited certifications along the way, which you can find HERE. Although certification do say a lot, Ari also has a significant amount of experience working with many different individuals including cancer survivors, athletes of all ages, elementary school kids, individuals with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, Parkinson's, and spinal injuries.


Ari's focus in her functional training technique is prevention. To avoid injuries and illnesses as we age by addressing ABC in every one of her clients day to day life. A. for alignment, B. for breathing and C for control. She also passionately inspires her clients to discover themselves through change in habits and the inspiration of nature. 

When Ari isn't in the gym, aka her living room, she's spends her time playing in the mountains, SUP boarding in large bodies of water all with her pup Franki. Ari, Franki and her boyfriend Ryan are passionate "Weekend Warriors," who feel strongly about balancing work with play, and utilizing their limited free time (before work, after work, Saturday, and Sunday) to chase those off-grid dreams! 

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